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It saddens me to see girls proudly declaring they’re not like other girls – especially when it’s 41,000 girls saying it in a chorus, never recognizing the contradiction. It’s taking a form of contempt for women – even a hatred for women – and internalizing it by saying, Yes, those girls are awful, but I’m special, I’m not like that, instead of stepping back and saying, This is a lie.

The real meaning of “I’m not like the other girls” is, I think, “I’m not the media’s image of what girls should be.” Well, very, very few of us are. Pop culture wants to tell us that we’re all shallow, backstabbing, appearance-obsessed shopaholics without a thought in our heads beyond cute boys and cuter handbags. It’s a lie – a flat-out lie – and we need to recognize it and say so instead of accepting that judgment as true for other girls, but not for you.

1948 Polish poster for PRIDE AND PREJUDICE (Robert Z. Leonard, USA, 1940)
Artist: Jan Mucharski (1900-1981)
Poster source: Heritage Auctions
Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice was published 200 years ago today.
The Polish title translates as “In Pursuit of Her Husband” thus explaining the butterfly nets.

I suppose I shouldn’t use the term “adorable” for describing artwork with a zombie, but there you go.

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